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Plot: - Download and Watch Brake movie, a fantasy adventure movie. Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth edition of the extraordinarily successful franchise, Resident Evil. It is the forthcoming flick filled with action, horror, Sci-Fi and suspense. It is a directorial project of well-known director and producer, Paul W. S. Anderson. The movie takes place from where the third installment, Resident Evil: Extinction ended. The latest edition starts with the search of Alice for the any remaining survivor after the lethal battle. She succeeds in coming out of that deadly trap with the help of an old friend. After coming back she gets the chance to exchange blows with her arch-rival, Albert Wesker. After coming to Los Angles, she marches to the Umbrella Corporation´s base, which is surrounded by powerful zombies. Later on in the movie, she helps those survivors who were hidden in unexplored corners of Los Angeles. From there, she decides to help all those who are still under the deadly traps of her arch-nemesis. It is the battle between the dead and undead, which will only come to an end if dead beings win over zombies.

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